In Cerdanyola del Vallès, (Barcelona) the science facility Alba produces synchrotron light using electron accelerators to visualize the atomic structure of matter and to study its properties. In a provided design brief, Alba enunciated its search for assistance in the creation of a new communication strategy and visual identity, to intensify its relations with the general public. 

The proposed communication strategy emphasizes the facilities societal impact and new vision. the campaign “We Are Particles” employs creativity, fun and communication to make science and Alba accessible to everyone. Using the biological fact that the human body is constituted of particles, the action encourages the user to metaphorically extract a particle to subsequently add it to a live installation. This donation allows the contributor to openly express his/her scientific engagement, invites him/her to become a part of the institution and actively take part in a user-centred experience. The central action lies in the collection of particles in form of registered users in a database to visualize the community behind Alba and as a way to enunciate ones scientific support. 

Positioning people at the brands core and uncovering the comprehensive benefits of science may allow Alba Synchrotron to grow as facility of great public interest.